19 November 2008

Sepia Scenes - 5

For this week it is back to the wildlife. This is a photo of one of my favorite subjects around the pond. You can find out a bit more about him in a post on the other blog. That post also includes a copy of the original version of the photo below of you would care to make a comparison.

Once again, the sepia treatment was done in Picasa3 with perhaps a bit of adjustment to the highlights and shadows.

For more sepia photo's check out Sepia Scenes.


  1. What a great shot to begin with!
    I like it in sepia. It seems to bring more detail to the little guy.

  2. In sepia it gives out a nice feel to it :)
    Nice capture!

  3. That is a very cool shot! And I love it in sepia too:) Mine is, HERE. See yah!

  4. off all the shots on the other post this one was the best choice for sepia

    I enjoyed both posts :)

  5. Now I found your Sepia. I was looking earlier. I too love nature and this turned out beautifully!!

    Mine for this week is here.

    I do so hope you can find the time to drop by!!

    I hope you have a great weekend and I'll most likely be seeing you for photohunt or SWF!!

    Like you say so many memes and so little time!!:-)