19 November 2008

Sepia Scenes - 5

For this week it is back to the wildlife. This is a photo of one of my favorite subjects around the pond. You can find out a bit more about him in a post on the other blog. That post also includes a copy of the original version of the photo below of you would care to make a comparison.

Once again, the sepia treatment was done in Picasa3 with perhaps a bit of adjustment to the highlights and shadows.

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13 November 2008

Sepia Scenes - 4

Although most of my Sepia Scenes photo's will likely be nature related, I decided to share another subject today. I ran across this little poem at a local arts and crafts fair and took this photo for a blogging friend who happens to be big on quilting. The original itself had a 'old' quality and only required a small bit of adjustment.

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06 November 2008

Sepia Scenes - 3

Once again I decided to go with the a nature photo for this week's Sepia Scenes. The original photo did not have much color as the subject was mostly tan and brown/black in real life so the sepia tones seemed to fit well.

Mary suggested we tell about how we applied the sepia to the photo. I'm not sure of the exact steps as I did this photo a couple of weeks ago, but I'm fairly certain I cropped it, converted it to black and white, and then applied sepia. I likely adjusted the fill light, highlights, and/or shadow just a small bit to balance the contrasts.

I primarily use Picasa3 for most of my editing which normally includes just cropping, light adjustments, and perhaps a small bit of sharpening at times. I did add a small amount of edging (from another program) to off-set it from the frame which was added in Blogger.

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