29 October 2008

Sepia Scenes - 2

In a comment to my first post bintang of More Snapshot suggested that the image looked like a photograph from an old National Geographic. I hadn't thought about it exactly like that, but I guess it does look like it came from an old nature magazine circa 1932 perhaps. Most of my photo's are nature related so perhaps many of them will fall into that category.

The original of this following collage is quite colorful, but I think the sepia rendition is interesting in its own way also.

For more sepia photo's check out Sepia Scenes.

23 October 2008

Sepia Scenes - 1

As you may deduce from the title, this blog is primarily to have a bit of fun with some of the photo memes that float around the blogosphere. This first post is for a new meme called Sepia Scenes which is hosted by Theteach. Drop by and check it out.

Sepia is a color adjustment that often evokes a sense of classic photography. It simulates the aging process that often produces a yellow cast in older photographs. It can give photo's a timeless effect which is particularly effective with many scenes, particularly ones where the scene itself is not 'dated' by the objects in the photograph. It can also add a different perspective and impact to contemporary photographs similar to the effect of black-and-white photo's.

Since I don't have a wide variety of photographs to choose from I thought it would be interesting to use shots that I would normally use on my other blog and show them sans color. Most of them are scenes and subjects that are classic in their own right as they are nature scenes that would be basically the same no matter when the photo was taken.

So, here is my first Sepia Scenes photo.