06 November 2008

Sepia Scenes - 3

Once again I decided to go with the a nature photo for this week's Sepia Scenes. The original photo did not have much color as the subject was mostly tan and brown/black in real life so the sepia tones seemed to fit well.

Mary suggested we tell about how we applied the sepia to the photo. I'm not sure of the exact steps as I did this photo a couple of weeks ago, but I'm fairly certain I cropped it, converted it to black and white, and then applied sepia. I likely adjusted the fill light, highlights, and/or shadow just a small bit to balance the contrasts.

I primarily use Picasa3 for most of my editing which normally includes just cropping, light adjustments, and perhaps a small bit of sharpening at times. I did add a small amount of edging (from another program) to off-set it from the frame which was added in Blogger.

For more sepia photo's check out Sepia Scenes.


  1. Is it a leopard frog? I am not so sure of frogs but this looks like the kind that were hopping all around our place this summer due to the plentiful rain. He sure had his eye on you! I like how you edged the photo, it really enhances the sepia. I would expect to see this in a really old book! Well done.

  2. I think the sepia definitely brings out the detail more in this shot.
    Great image!

  3. Kahshe Cottager - I'm not a frog expert but I presume that is a southern leopard frog as we live within its range - I'm glad you mentioned his 'eye on you', lol. It reminded me that perhaps I should have put a link to the original photo and a little story about capturing that shot. You might find it a bit funny.

    You can find it here

  4. Great job with the photo. I use Picasa3, too, because it's so easy.

    I did the same thing, started a blog for my photos. My main blog was becoming disoriented, I was wonderful why any one bothered to come back!

  5. Oh a frog....how delightful!! and you got such a good shot. He's so cute and I would have never thought to use a frog for this meme.

    This was my first week and I didn't tell how I did mine either. I really don't know exactly all of the steps I took. Next week I will have to take some notes.

    I like this...puts a smile on your face!!


  6. I like this a lot, the detail is wonderful

  7. Good shot of a frog, before he hopped away. Clear and crisp! Excellent for sepia tone, Baker! :)

  8. I like your site. I like the pictures...Thanks for sharing with us.